The Last Jedi Emblem Medallions

  • March 27, 2018 at 4:17 pm #1762

    Here are the cards I need:

    BG-BR BB-8 / Resistance
    BG-SR2 C-3PO / R2-D2
    BG-CB C-3PO / BB-8
    BG-CR Chewbacca / R2-D2
    BG-FB Finn / BB-8
    BG-FR Finn / Resistance
    BG-STF First Order Stormtrooper / First Order
    BG-KF Kylo Ren / First Order
    BG-R2B R2-D2 / BB-8
    BG-R2R R2-D2 / Resistance
    BG-PGR Resistance Gunner Paige Tico / Resistance

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