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    I’ve been away from collecting for a while but starting up again. I will have a pretty large list of wants I’m sure and hopefully will be able to make some trades. For now, here are some of the cards I have for trade and if anyone is interested, just let me know and I’m sure we can work something out. Thanks

    * = pending trade

    For Trade
    Journey to the last Jedi – Base: many, just ask
    Green parallel: quite a few, again just ask
    Purple parallel: 1(x3),3,7,8,10,14,15,17,18,20(x3),
    Black parallel: 8,15,38,51(x2),53,59,60(x2),61,65,
    Silver parallel: 12,19,24,32,36,45,60,64,108,110
    Character Insert: 2(x3),4,9,10,15,16(x2)
    Illustrated Character Insert: 1,2,3(x2),4,5(x2),6(x2),8(x3),9,
    Blueprint Insert: 1(x2),2,3,4,5(x2),7(x3)
    Darkness Rises Insert: 1(x6),2(x4),3(x3),4(x6),5(x2),6
    Rey Continuity Insert: 1(x2),2(x3)
    Walmart Family Legacy Insert: 1,3,6(x2)
    Stickers: 2,8,14,15,16
    Patch Insert: MP-RP (Poe Dameron – resistance)

    2018 Galaxy
    Base: many, just ask
    Blue parallel: 3,8,11,13,15,17,25,29,30,37,39,42(x2),46,48,49(x2),51,53(x1),57(x2),
    Green parallel: 4(x2),7(x1),9,14(x1),18(x1),27,32,45,59(x2),68
    Journey of Asoka: 1,2(x4),3(x2),4(x3),5(x2),6(x2),7(x4),8,9(x5),10
    Resistance Prop: TP–4(x3), TP-5(x2)
    Rogue One Prop: RP-1, RP-2(x2), RP-4(x2), RP-6
    Wanted Posters: P1, P2, P3(x4), P4, P5(x2), P6
    Legends: C2(x2), C3(x3),C4
    Etched Foil Puzzle: 1

    2018 Galactic Files –
    Base: quite a few, just ask
    Orange Parallel: many, just ask
    Blue Parallel: REB-37, RO-40, TFA-40, TLJ-15
    Green Parallel #d: ROTS-21(176/199), REB-25(85/199)
    Purple Parallel #d: ACW-37(87/99)
    Weapons Insert: W-1, W-4
    Vehicles Insert: V-1(note: this card does not have the foil “Star Wars” on
    the front of the card),V-2, V-4(x2), V-5, V-6, V-7(x2), V-9(x2),
    Movie Quotes Insert: MQ-1, MQ-2(x2), MQ-4(x2), MQ-5, MQ-6, MQ-7(x2), MQ-9(x2)
    Galactic Moments: GM-6, GM-10(x2)
    Locations Insert: L-1, L-2, L-6(x2)
    Sinister Syndicates: SS-9, SS-15

    2016 The Force Awakens S2
    Base: some not many, ask and I’ll check
    Green Parallel: 1,2,11,13,17,20,25,30,39,50,60,62,64,65,73,78,83,
    Blue Parallel: 5,12,15,23,29,37,42,46,58,69
    Purple Parallel: 21,36,38
    Character poster: 2,4
    Character stickers: 1,2,3,6,9,10,11,16,17(x2)
    Concept art: 1,3,5,6,7
    Heroes of Resistance: 2,3,6,8,13,15,16
    Maz’s Castle: 2,4,5,6,7
    Power of First Order: 2,3,4,5,7,8,9
    I also have a #12 Kylo Ren gold medallion #d 161/185 that I would be willing to trade for a sketch or autograph from this set.

    2015 The Force Awakens S1
    Base: A few, just ask & I’ll check
    Green: 4(x2),5(x2),9,10,12(x2),19(x2),21,23(x2),24,27,32,36,37(x2),
    Blue: 2,13,14,18,25,28,30,38,51,69,77,80,86,90,98
    Purple: 1,5,12,27,32,45
    Behind the Scenes: 1,6,7
    Character Montage: 5,7(x2)
    Stickers: 2,5(x2),12,14,15
    Concept Art: 5(x2),8,12,15,19
    Locations: 3,5,8
    Movie Scenes: 1,4,7,9,19
    First Order Rises: 1,6(x2)
    Weapons: 2(x2),6,7
    I also have a gold medallion #14 numbered 13/44 that I’d be willing to trade for a sketch/autograph from this set.

    2010 Empire Strikes Back 3D
    Base Cards: 1,5,8,9,12,16,18,22,26,29,30,31,33,35,38,41,42,44,45,47
    I also have #23 but it has a spot or ding on it…good as a filler only.
    I also have an unflattened hobby box with card 16 on it, if anyone is interested in that.

    2000 Episode 1 3D
    Mulitmotion card 2 of 2

    2009 Galaxy 4
    Etched Foil puzzle: 2,6
    Silver Foil Insert: 5, 6(x2),7,8,9,10,11,12

    2008 Star Wars: Clone Wars
    Animation Cel: 2,5,6,9

    I am focusing on completing my Force Awakens sets, so I am willing to trade any of the above haves for these cards.

    Journey to The Force Awakens
    Blueprints: 2,5,7
    Cloth Stickers: need all except #3
    Walmart Family Legacy: need all
    Power of the 1st Order: FO-7
    Also looking to trade for or buy any Autograph, sketch, and patch from this set

    Force Awakens S1
    Behind the scenes: 3
    Movie Scenes: 3,11,
    First Order Rises: none
    Weapons: 3
    Costume Relic: any
    Also looking to trade for or buy any autograph and sketch for this set

    Force Awakens S2
    will trade for or buy any autograph or sketch

    Also looking for 2018 Galaxy Etched foil puzzle cards: 2,5,6

    I will update my list as trades happen to keep it as current as possible. If anything interests you, please let me know and I’m sure we can make a great trade.
    Thanks for looking!

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