2018 Galactic Files

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    I opened two boxes of the 2018 Galactic Files set today. This is going to be a very frustrating set. First off, Topps hasn’t posted a checklist and the one they sent to dealers earlier was clearly incomplete. The number of base cards is obviously well over 100 and probably is 200. You can’t tell exactly without a checklist since they number the cards from each movie or TV series separately, and each picks up the numbering following the numbers of the 2017 set. Whatever the final number is, I didn’t come close to getting a complete base set from my two boxes. There are also a few cards that use the numbers from the 2017 set and are apparently variations on those cards. People are still trying to figure out which ones are out there, and getting one of each is going to be very difficult. I could also note that the most common parallel set for the base cards is orange, which isn’t even mentioned on the wrappers.

    There are seven insert sets. The odds of pulling these cards are such that you can only hope to complete a couple of the sets from two boxes. I came close on two sets, but I have duplicates I’ll have to try to trade to finish them. Some of the others are hopeless. For instance, the Sinister Syndicates only come one in 10 packs, so 2 boxes only give you 4 or 5 of them, yet there are 15 in the set. The Band of Heroes only come 1:20, so again there is no chance of finishing the set with 2 boxes.

    I did pull one autograph in each box, as promised, and I got a decent sketch and a purple parallel of one of the movie poster relics.

    I hope this will be the last of the Galactic Files sets. There are two many cards, getting even my version of a complete set will be very tough, and it seems Topps put them out before they were really ready. How else to explain the lack of a checklist? If anyone else bought boxes for this set, let us know how you fared.

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    [I hope this will be the last of the Galactic Files sets]

    I don’t think so, there are an Episode IX and others movies to come, so i fear we’ll eat that kind of series again.

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    Here is a checklist from J. allender’s site.
    I don’t know if it’s complete either … but maybe it can help.

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