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Star Wars Trading Cards
Star Wars Trading Cards is a web site with a pretty singular focus, and that is to help collectors enjoy their Star Wars cards. This is your starting point. From here, I encourage you to visit the checklists for all of the Star Wars cards and stickers I am aware of at this time. The lists change often and are updated as best I can manage. You'll probably want to spend some time browsing the lists and checking back for updates. Checklist pages include basic information about a set, as well as information about the value of a set.

This site is about much more than lists. Please be sure you also visit the Collector's Connection community area on our site where hundreds of other collectors can help you with your collecting.

Sets in the checklist area are listed in three broad categories. Within each category, they are listed roughly in reverse date order, with newer sets listed at the top of the category, and older sets at the bottom of the category. If you are having trouble finding a particular set, I encourage you to visit the Collector's Connection and post a question. You can also e-mail me using the contact link at the bottom of this page. Definitely also spend some time just browsing the checklists, you might find something you weren't looking for as well as the set you wanted. You'll find a sample card image on almost every set page, and lots of great information about the set, including known values.

Please have patience if a set doesn't have complete information posted. This site is my hobby, and I spend time updating it as often as I can. I welcome any additional information you might want to add about a set. Please include a link to the page you are referencing when sending update information.

If you find the information on this site helpful, please note that for 2009 we are going 'ad free' in providing the site and community (once I get all the site pages updated anyway). You may choose to donate to the upkeep of the site through PayPal or you can commit an act of random Star Wars kindness for a fellow collector.

* all content on this site is copyright c.m. kendrick *
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