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This site is largely about providing information about all the different cards, stickers, pogs, and similar items available to collect over the years. Below, you will find a list of card sets in reverse date order, from newest to oldest. Though at the bottom of the page you'll find our partial list of Wizards TCG cards, which are some of the newest cards available. I do not currently list all the various CCG card sets. That information is largely available elsewhere, but I am considering adding the information.

Because the site is maintained as my hobby, and I'm sometimes quite lazy or quite busy with my day job, not everything is as complete as I'd like it to be. You should still find lots of information in the checklists below, and if you are aware of missing information on a page, send me a link to the page, and the information you think needs adding. The site is in the middle of changing designs, so some pages will look different in style from other pages.

When in doubt, remember that Star Wars Trading Cards has a very active community of collectors. Our community is called the Collector's Connection and some really amazing folks hang out there. Whether you are looking to trade cards, or just asking a question about them, our community is a great place to visit.

If you find the information on this site helpful, please note that for 2009 we are going 'ad free' in providing the site and community (once I get all the site pages updated anyway). You may choose to donate to the upkeep of the site through PayPal or you can commit an act of random Star Wars kindness for a fellow collector.

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