Completionist Challenge – PSA Graded Cards

  • April 14, 2018 at 11:22 am #1829

    Hi All,
    I have set myself a huge Completionist Challenge. I will attempt to collect all cards and stickers, from all of the three original trilogy [1977-1983] Topps card releases, in PSA Graded 9 or 10 condition. I have made a good start [see the link to my PSA Set Registry below] and will update this thread every now and again to tell you how I am going.
    Total [So Far]:
    > 1977 Topps Star Wars [Series 1: Blue Border] – 66 Cards:
    – PSA 9s = 19
    – PSA 10s = 2
    If there are other collectors here that go for PSA Graded vintage [original trilogy] Star Wars cards, please give me a yell. Maybe we can help each other out.
    Al the very best to you all.
    Ghost Owl
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