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Members' Card Exchanges
The card exchanges are voluntary free exchanges designed to help you get the single cards you need to finish sets without direct trading. Please read the Card Exchange Rules before participating.
Re: Future of this Site (Puppieonacid)
Traders Marketplace
This is where you go to trade cards, stickers, pogs, or any other Star Wars items.
Re: ~ MGK's S.W. Base Card Needs.. (Kiss Szabolcs)
Sellers Marketplace
This is where you go to sell your personal cards, stickers, pogs, or other similar Star Wars items. It is NOT appropriate to post links to commercial or dealer websites in this forum. As a reminder, this site does not permit unpaid advertising for commercial enterprises. No postings of store listings or dealer listings of any kind.
Re: Future of this Site (Puppieonacid)
Outer Rim Trading Post
This is where you go to trade cards, stickers, and pogs that are NOT Star Wars (gasp). No dealers. No commercial posts.
Re: Future of this Site (Puppieonacid)
Auction Listings
Have an auction where you are selling Star Wars cards, stickers, or pogs, you may list it here. Other auctions are not appropriate.
Re: Future of this Site (Puppieonacid)
Feedback Forum
This is the updated Feedback area. Please read the Feedback Rules posting before you post here. There is one topic per user name, and all feedback for that user is posted under their topic. Only add a topic for a new user if you are SURE they don't have a topic already. You are responsible for what you write here and in all the forums!
Re: Brent (glaw)
Want / Have Lists
This is a place to post a Have/Want lists that you can update and use to assist you in trading. Once you post your list, you can link to it in your signature. This is NOT the place to post requests for trades. That belongs in Traders Marketplace. Mis-placed posts will be moved or deleted. Please do NOT reply to posts in this forum. E-mail or PM the post originator if you think you have a trade. Because of a glitch in the software that runs our site, if you don't request that your posting be 'featured' it might disappear.
Re: Future of this Site (Puppieonacid)
The 501st Forum
This is where you go to trade or talk about your 501st cards, or other 501st related things.
Re: Future of this Site (Puppieonacid)
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